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At Decent, we understand how unique and exciting a new career step can be. Your needs are our top priority, and we aim to create sustainable matches based on your potential, personality, and ambitions. We guide you through every phase of your career, connecting you with digital peers, today’s established brands, as well as the disruptors and innovators of tomorrow.

How We Work

We are not just a recruitment agency. As guides, challengers, and supporters, we are present in every stage of your career. Our ambition is to build a long-lasting relationship where we get to know you as a person, not just your resume. That’s why we follow an approach that reflects our vision of recruitment.

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We believe that success is more than your career path. Your personal story and authenticity are of great value to us. That’s why we don’t believe in matching CVs; we match individuals with their dreams.


Our goal is to achieve continuous growth and discover the best version of ourselves, both personally and professionally. By learning from everyone, we aim to keep growing and evolving.


Trust is essential. We adhere to a professional code of ethics to ensure professionalism and transparency. We don’t judge your motivations or reasons.


We are advocates for long-term relationships and do not believe in quick fixes. We prefer to offer advice that helps in the long run rather than settling for short-term solutions.


Being digitally active, we witness transformation daily. That’s why continuous change and adaptation are part of our DNA. We maintain an open mind to identify new opportunities and create innovative solutions every day.

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Are you looking for a new challenge?

Are you at a crossroads in your career and ready for a new challenge? At Decent, we understand that the search for a new challenge is both exciting and crucial for your professional growth. Whether you are an experienced professional or at the beginning of your career, we are here to guide you to that next significant step.

Take control of your career and discover the opportunities waiting for you. Visit our job page and let us help you find the perfect challenge that aligns with your unique skills and aspirations. Your future begins today. What does your future look like?