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Global Head of SEO – B2C SaaS

In 1482 the CV – by none other than Leonardo DaVinci himself – was sent to the Duke of Milan. A document in which Leonardo was able to display his knowledge and skills in a tailor-made way, in accordance with the needs of the Duke, and with success.

In today’s world, where it seems that you should be able to do just about anything, immediately appeal to the imagination and the illusion of time seems to be our greatest asset. Resumedia simplified and improved all things that are time-consuming and confusing in the search for a new job – by means of an advanced SaaS solution.


About the Scale Up

The umbrella organization, to which an eco-system of the best domains (with multiple domains), articles, blogs, etc. belongs, in no fewer than 12 different languages ??- has been fully focused since 2015 on the layout of, among other things. CVs, application and motivation letters by means of a strong SaaS solution.

Today, it dominates internationally in several markets and it has the ambition to dominate the world with the central platform. It will do this by offering millions of users: quality, overview and convenience in the search for a new job – for a small price within a subscription model.

Your role as Global Head of SEO & SEO organization

The biggest impact on the growth for this scale up will make on its way – to dominate not only Europe but also the entire world – is SEO. In fact, the current 200K unique visitors per day are mainly organic traffic. It is not surprising that they already has a gigantic SEO eco-system. What you will become responsible for. 

As Head of SEO, you set course with regard to the SEO strategy and associated SEO organization that will help realize growth. We could state that you will shape the tasks of your role yourself, these arise from your strategy – after all, you are an exponent in SEO. Currently, a (remote) SEO organization has been set up with 20 external SEO localization specialists who focus on copy, for which you develop the best practices (for about 2,000 articles). For each language in which it is active (12), there is a local link building specialist to guarantee the best quality per market. There is also a dedicated external agency that you can use as a sparring partner.
Given the nature of the business, it is expected that the main impact on SEO will be offpage – which is not to say that onpage opportunities should go untapped.

Central organization

SEO is part of the central (directing) organization, which forms the foundation of further growth. You form this foundation together with smart and growth-oriented minds who you no longer need to explain the importance of SEO. 

Do you like to make a global impact from SEO, without the hassle of a complex organization?

What do you take with you as Global Head of SEO (ideal picture)?

You are able to shape an entire SEO strategy, where you understand how content, authority and technology work together;

You have experience within a high volume B2C organization;

You prefer to have experience with international SEO, where you know the SEO dynamics of local markets VS centralized management;

You are competitive by nature and have a growth mindset, where you like to think in opportunities, possibilities and you love to win;

You are well organized. Planning and organization are something you do very well and you know how to monitor this well and translate it into KPIs for the organization;

What do you get as a Global Head of SEO?

Especially if you can see this as a considerable business opportunity, you will be able to benefit from being part of a fast-growing organization in the most lucrative phase, have an impact on it and think about how much this experience will be worth to you as a person and as a person and professional;

Regardless of experience, you will be well taken care of and you will receive a good salary which will depend on various factors, I can take you in here;

A flexible workplace. 3/2 days working from home or at the office (depending on your needs);

Opportunities to develop yourself considerably and other excellent fringe benefits.

Have you been triggered, are you interested, do you have questions and/or would you like to hear more? You are very welcome.

  • Please contact Pim via Or schedule a video call via Calendly, then I can also guide you through the environment of the SaaS solution.

    Have a good day!

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