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Growth Lead – Authentic market leader

Suppose you are the oldest independent (private) bank/asset manager in the Netherlands, how do you deal with fintech, a.i. big data and a completely new target group/generation of customers? Whether you are an entrepreneur, physician, executive, association/foundation or just wealthy private individual, the financial landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Wealth building, pension or a mortgage, how do you know whether a product is suitable for you? However, wealth is more than just money. Creating social relevance and value for future generations is a great asset. This financial service provider has therefore been building a sustainable financial future for tomorrow's generations since 1737. In order to remain and/or become the market leader in various markets, they are looking for a (Senior) Growth Marketer to reach new customers.


Characteristics of the organization:
Since its foundation in 1737, every generation has ensured progress, innovation, relevance and value creation. Whether it concerns assets, mortgages, fiduciary management or investment strategies, Van Lanschot Kempen competes at the top in every target segment. With more than 100 billion under management, a position has been acquired in the market that demands continuous improvement and innovation. Van Lanschot Kempen, based in Amsterdam, believes that wealth is more than just money. That is why they commit themselves at several levels to initiatives in the field of art, culture, society and sustainability. As a result, they have received several awards regarding transparency, but they also receive a high rating from sustainalytics and the carbon disclosure project. In addition, they have their own foundation to give back to society. This involvement is reflected in mindset and behavior in all layers of the organization. The employees are characterized by professionalism, common sense, informality and enthusiasm.

Now that the aging population is developing a new generation of wealthy target groups, there is a need for the next step in acquisition, awareness and activation. This is pioneered with multi-disciplinary teams of both local specialists who are responsible for a customer segment and from a center of excellence. These teams consist of both generalists and specialists and operate from the following core values: Accelerate – Advance – Act as one – Attract, develop and retain for Achievement. Their goal; preserving and building wealth in a sustainable way, both for our clients and for the society of which we are a part. Of course there are regulations to comply with, but the organization is characterized by autonomy, entrepreneurship and team success. They embrace digital as a tool to serve customers faster, more efficiently and effectively. Data is the engine for further personalization throughout the entire customer journey.


What are you responsible for as a Growth Lead?
Summarized in one sentence, your responsibility is to acquire and activate (new) customers through growth marketing. You work within a multi-disciplinary team and you are in the lead for a specific customer group. The goal of the multi-disciplinary team is to convey the satisfaction of the current customer base (NPS >35) to potential customers. In addition, the multi-disciplinary teams focus on the improved customer experience and it is the sparring partner for the sales organization (sales management expertise is also within the team).
In short, as a multi-disciplinary team you have the complete commercial funnel in management. You know how to professionalize, but also personalize so that there is more/better interaction with this target group. You bring innovation, change and renewal within existing processes, tools, propositions and communication. In this you know how to convey the right brand identity that potential customers are not only aware/are familiar with this party, but actually consider them.
Because this is a pioneering position, your position is not enclosed in fixed frameworks. You can shape your own function within the overarching objectives of the team. A day can look something like this;

  • The morning starts with a refinement led by the Client Segment Lead (Product Owner). The Client Segment Lead has compiled the sprint backlog – it contains the priorities (why). It is up to you as a growth manager to work out the (how & what) together with the scrum team – especially using your own expertise;
  • Internally you are seen as the guru for growth marketing because of your mindset. You feel proud of the disruption you have already achieved, but you still see many opportunities. In the afternoon you sit down with the scrum team to review the completed campaigns. You see a number of opportunities after an analysis of the previous acquisition campaign and decide to prepare it yourself this afternoon. You would like to have a pioneering role towards the rest of the organization;
  • An innovative mortgage form has been devised within the Private Bank. Existing customers can use their investment portfolio as collateral for a mortgage/loan: win/win. However, the sales managers see little enthusiasm. How are you going to turn the tide as a scrum team?;
  • You evaluate the past results together with the MD and VP. You can see clear growth because you have been able to implement marketing automation, define clear customer journeys and set up personalized campaigns. As a result, more people have gone from awareness to consideration, to customer;
  • Before you know it, it is half an hour later since you went to get coffee – at the coffee machine a spontaneous brainstorm has arisen between a banker, market researcher and you as a growth marketer.


What does your experience and personality look like:
Because it is a pioneering role, the combination of substantive knowledge and personality is ultimately decisive. It is important that someone has an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset from growth marketing. In this you know how to navigate between strategy and operation, but you can also include people in your growth vision. Below is an indication of the knowledge and personality that should be successful in this role, but it is not decisive;

  • Broad online/growth marketing experience with different channels and components with a strong focus/predilection for CRO. It is important that you understand the relationship between acquisition, awareness, activation and retention at both strategic and operational level;
  • Ideally you have experience using a DMP, but this is not a requirement if you understand its use well;
  • Experience with full customer journey thinking for delivering personalized messages in campaigns;
  • You enjoy being a pioneer, based on your experience and personality ownership is central to this – as a scrum team you will achieve the intended goal, you are also able to keep a good overview and come up with innovative ideas.


There is a lot of ambition in the organization, which is filled with a combination of experienced seniors and ambitious professionals. This provides ample opportunity to think along with other disciplines and in broad projects. They also offer many interesting extras:

  • Market-based salary (but really) with very good secondary conditions;
  • Pioneering with an established name for the next business phase in an international environment;
  • Space to achieve real results. You have an entrepreneurial attitude and a vision that you would like to roll out. This company gives opportunities to people who take the lead.
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